Our Owner - Doreen Foxwell

Doreen founded The Children's School of Yoga after having an epiphany in the middle of the night that she was meant to teach children's yoga. After waking her husband and researching the industry she started her mission to be a child's first yoga teacher in a fun, age appropriate way.

In January of 2004 she officially started offering classes.4 months after starting the program additional teachers were hired to be able to expand the program. 8 Years later, the business opportunity was franchised, and a year later the curriculum was licensed for use in schools throughout many states in the country. Since that time, her program has taught thousands of students in over 200+ locations throughout the Hudson Valley Region, Rockland & Westchester Counties, Bergen and Essex County, NJ, Fairfield County CT, Pike County, Pa and NYC. Cuurently, her program is offered throughout 50-75 schools teaching thousands of children each week.

Doreen believes in introducing many different yoga styles to children, so that they will continue practicing yoga into their adult life.

IMG 2481Doreen has a background in dance (studied ballet for over 13+ yrs.), music (studied piano for 10+ yrs.), children's programming ( was involved in children's recreation & parent/child programs for over 6+ yrs.) and of course yoga...

She currently has certifications from various Yoga Programs including: Kundalini Yoga ~ Radiant Child I & II, Next Generation Yoga , YogaKids ~ CYKT and Grounded Kids Yoga. Doreen has studied various yoga styles such as: Hatha, Kundalini, Iyenger, Sivananda, Anusara, Ashtanga, Hatha.

Doreen combines many different elements in the children's yoga classes and believes that children learn from having fun and play.

All of the classes for children are curriculum based, age appropriate, and theme orientated. Doreen personally trains many of the teachers and franchisee's and continues to work closely with them. Doreen currently teaches at various sites throughout the Hudson Valley,  and works out of the Corporate site in Monroe, NY.

Some of her Awards and recognition include:

Count Me In, Make Mine a Million Micro Awadee and M3 Awardee.

Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur -- celebrating Sam's Club's 25th anniversary through a salute to women entrepreneurs and womens achievements in communities around the country. Doreen was selected as 1 of the first 25 women across the country to be recognized and honored.

Stiletto Woman In Business Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of Education and Teaching

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